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I went nuts on X-wing initially and have loads of stuff, but stopped buying at Wave V.

Imperial Assault I’m still buying and painting.

And UH is right about Legion prices. $50 for one AT-ST, $30 for one Snowspeeder and $25 for the other other day one releases of units from core game.

If anyone is going into Star Wars Legion I would advise they do what I did with X-wing… buy two starter boxes.

Two sets of dice, two sets of range rulers, double the terrain and two of every unit. Just buying the dice, rulers, AT-RT, Speeder Bikes and one of each Rebel/Imperial Unit (excluding the Snowspeeder/AT-ST) would cost $130 and compared to the $89 for the core game which includes all the above and more.

Yes, there’s duplication, but it’s the cheapest way to do a big battle.