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Interesting campaign. The ‘Season One’ campaign has two chapters, each supposedly 8 sessions long.

In chapter one you play the natives and deal with the spanish invaders.

In chapter two you play the spanish invaders.

Although no character gen rules were planned (it uses pregens), there was some concern from backers and they have promised a PDF of the character creation rules.

I know it’s a bit odd with no character gen, but its more a ‘living campaign’ with it’s own rule set rather than traditional RPG with rules and a starting adventure.

It does appeal to me as a concept though… however, I may be inclined to run chapter one and then continue with my own campaign vs the spanish invaders.

My concern is that the lack of character generation is putting off backers and it won’t fund, as it’s a few days old and only 25% funded. Which would be a shame, as it has potential.

One more point…“A pack of pillaging religious loonies, opportunists, and thugs, more like.”… that sounds like a typical D&D party… Cleric, Thief, Fighter…