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I know about Modiphius being late. I backed Thunderbirds (which I don’t recall being late), Conan and Infinity.

Had Conan a few months ago. I tend to only add stuff to pledge manager that’s Wave 1, so I don’t have to split shipping, or wait for later waves.

Luckily, I hate Modiphius adventure writing. I know boxed text is old school, but it is easier to find essential plot elements. With Modiphius adventures the text is all there, but the concept of bold, or italics to highlight important details is lost on them.

Achtung Cthulhu was late as I recall. Dust Adventures (not a KS) was also late.

I Dropped out of Siege of the Citadel (it was a good deal, lots of stuff, but I’m swamped with that sort of game and tired of being the 1 in one vs many).