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I am very relaxed regarding KS…I do not care when it arrives! Its all fun and games…nothing REALLY importent! As long as the result is a good product I am happy. I always state that they should take their time. A rushed product that is not good can not be taken back and is a wasted oppertunity…a late product that is good is always better imho!

So I am an Infinity RPG backer at the all printed level…and if they got it right I do not care if I had to wait at all. Lots of other stuff kept me busy meanwhile. Oh…and I backed Conan and Siege of the Citadel too 🙂

Infinity the minitaure game is a great game…but not casual. It is also very succsessfull and has its roots in roleplaying. Yep…Infinity startet out as a homemade roleplaying game which they turned into the minis game we know today. So CB is really protectiv in branching out their IP into that area…and the founder is known to be a perfectionist. So to get to play in the Infinity universe with a perfectionist homemade rpg…that was meant to go slooooooow 🙂 I do believe that approval was a big part…but not the only one. Any company I encountered dealing with a license for the first time understimates the timeframe greatly 🙂 But modiphious makes great products…so the wait is normaly worth it. Just got my Star Trek RPG stuff and it looks great.

That the RPG and the minis game are incompatible is a good thing…the minis combat is waaaay to complex for an RPG. Here the most importent is backround…and loooots of it!!! And that is the reason why it took so long…CB is ironing out a looot of Backround that is “canon” and did not exist in the minis game. The “fluff” part there was nothing compared to the massiv pages you will get with the rpg!!! And the system has to flow easely for the roleplay to not be slowed down by rules. I think the 2D20 system does that…its simple at its core and very flexible.

So in short….if you like the universe Infinity takes place…open it…I doubt you will be dissapointed 🙂

And I am looking forward getting mine soon…