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I have more miniatures to paint than I have time at the moment and even more to assemble. I’m shifting focus away from painting board game miniatures (except the heroes/bosses) and back to skirmish/RPG stuff.

Although I have backed it, I may drop out before the end. Need to see a gameplay video, not just a how to play.

Edit: I just had a look at their previous projects. Some backer still waiting and not getting response from them. I don’t want another Rail Raiders Infinite project that gets delay after delay. And they still haven’t delivered to UK backers.

Ah… apparently Archon are related to Prodos and have dealings with ninja division and thus soda pop games.

Prodos involved in intellectual property dispute over Aliens vs Predator…

Cancelling my pledge. I can always buy at retail if I still want it. I know I will get less stuff, but I don’t need the hassle of waiting for backer stuff while it’s in the high street.