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Universal Head

While that may be historically true, there’s no reason why it should be so and again, the percentage is growing fast as the hobby becomes less of a ‘boy’s club’. As the hobby (including tabletop, combat focussed games) begins to include more diversity and becomes more aware of the limited pre-pubescent male obsessions that have historically plagued it, more women get interested in joining in.

‘Women don’t play tabletop, combat-focussed games’ is the kind of comment that stops women from trying and enjoying them. I’ve seen plenty of videos about tabletop games (including combat ones) by women spring up, and it’s great. It’s our responsibility to press publishers to lift their game so all people are welcome to gaming, and to pull it out of the same old tired tropes.

Video games are ahead of us in this regard. Look at the difference between the original Tomb Raider games and the latest Lara Croft adventures. In the end, with everyone’s inclusion, these hobbies become richer and more interesting and secure their future.