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Universal Head

I’m giving this a miss, for two reasons. One, is that the gameplay doesn’t look very interesting. I like the development and the clear cards, but the games themselves seem like bog-standard dice-chucking combat with lots of modifiers.

Secondly, the whole theme and the way it’s being touted is – I agree with you – juvenile. I have nothing against mature themes if they advance the story or give us more effective insights into character. Here, it’s like a bunch of 12 year olds who have discovered swearing, sex and violence for the first time. It’s pretty puerile and I can only assume the whole thing seemed like a good idea to showcase Adrian Smith’s graphic novel (which may have a more interesting story, I don’t know) and use a lot of existing art, but it strikes me as a bad call.

Plus, there’s only so many big guys draped with spikes and chains that I can paint before I lose it! 🙂

I put my money on Nemesis instead.