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Monsterpocalypse was such a big hit for me that any other giant monster game really has to clear a high bar for me to consider dropping money on it. I have seen Giga-Robo a few times and even demoed it as the creator is in the greater Chicago area. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on it. The figures are cool, the terrain mechanics are neat, and there is a lot going on that seemed cool. The biggest thing for me was that there was so much going on, that if I wasn’t playing on a regular basis, then I would have to relearn so much that I just couldn’t justify the expense or effort to get someone else to play it with me. A lot of what I liked about Giga-Robo was captured for me in Champions of Hara. Maybe take a look and see if you agree. Not the big stompy monsters, but there are plenty of cool creatures and minis to paint.