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Universal Head

Well, I’m astute, but I’m not sure I can say the same for the rest of this rag-tag lot! LOL 🙂

I’m doing my best to make playing games easier and more fun for people, though I tend to think of my summaries as being the rules replacement after you’ve read the rules. The original idea was to allow me to completely bypass having to re-read the big rulebook each time I came back to a game, and also to have something easily referenced and comprehensive, so I didn’t have to search through the rulebook during a game. Reading the rulebook the first time is great for the examples of play, the background fluff, etc, but after that you just want the rules in as succinct a form as possible. That’s where my summaries come in I think.

An excellent way to learn new games is to watch a Watch It Played! video, if there is one for the game. Rodney is the best video rules instructor out there, and covers rules in a beautifully clear and comprehensive manner. And he’s a nice bloke!