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Might be time for me to drop out of Batman…

It’s Batcow that is pushing me over the edge… a cow in a cape… because some moronic fanboys pestered monolith about it.

And the selection of villains they unlocked are obscure….

Doc Death?
Black Mask?
Mr Bloom?

Next up… Killer Moth?

Who the hell are they?

Some obscure ‘heroes’ too.

Harvey Bullock?
Red Hood?

But a cow in a cape….

So my advice is as follows…

1) Buy some Batman heroclix…

2) Wait for monolith to make a botch of the rules and scenarios so they reprint them as a pdf on their website…

3) Screen capture an unboxing to get images of the hero/villain tiles.

4) Download the maps from their website (they have posted all Mythic Battles ones)

5) And wait for the Universal Head to make a game guide 🙂