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I’m currently backing as “all in”, not because I’m a huge fan of Batman, but mostly because I missed Conan, and I’m a slightly bigger fan of Batman / Super hero stuff than Conan anyway.

Reason I’m currently all in is the base game’s two boards…double sided sure, but two boards.

For the Conan people here. Is two boards going to be enough variety to make this game last a little while and stay interesting? Will adding more boards add a worthwhile amount of variety to it, or is two really enough?

Also, I admit, ashamedly, I’ve got a case of FOMO (Fear of missing out) if I don’t grab everything now, seeing as this is a Kickstarter only game, which is really frustrating. I don’t like that model. I think it’s a cop out. If your game is good, send it to the market to sell it like everything else. So I’m kinda torn actually. I don’t want to miss out on stuff I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get if I end up really liking it. But at the same time, I feel like I’m going to have the loads of boxes of minis laying around that I’ll never get around to playing if the game ends up being a turd. Or more likely, the game is OK, but I’ve still got boxes of minis laying around, because a complete game exists in the Core box, and adding all the ancillary stuff is just too bothersome (see the endless Zombicide add-ons). AND WHY IS THERE A F*CKING T-REX!?

Anyway….I think typing this message actually helped me decide. Leaning toward dropping to a Core only pledge and seeing how the game goes. If I like it, surely there will be secondary market for it down the road. You know there’s going to be people buying these just to flip after all.