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Home Forums The Gaming Room So, what did you play most recently? Reply To: So, what did you play most recently?


Boardgame… Widowers Wood. Not a bad game, but very reliant on luck. Failed first scenario twice because we didn’t random spawn the fourth villain before we ran out of time. 32 spawn rolls and we only got a 1 on d6 twice…

Last RPG I ran was West End Games Star Wars one shot for a bit of nostalgia. I still have 1st edition rules (and 2nd), but managed to pick up the Revised and Expanded 2nd edition on eBay.

Currently player in homebrew variant on Bushido… not my favourite system… but change to be a player.

Currently re-reading The One Ring rules which I plan to run in a month, or two…. Bree start this time, as we played in Mirkwood for over a year. Campaign floundered when new player joined… old and new characters did not mix well.