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Finally managed to get Aristeia! to the table. It’s a (so they say) MOBA style arena combat game set in the same world as Infinity, the miniatures game. Definitely need to play it more to get the rules nailed down, but it was an enjoyable first try.
Aristeia Picture

Been playing a lot of Kingdom Death: Monster lately. In fact, it’s currently occupying my dining room table, much to my wife’s enjoyment (true/not true?). High level….It’s Monster Hunter (the video game) with penises. LOL Seriously though, in the core game there’s only one penis, and it’s attached in the right place, very anatomically correct, on a lion, so not to tasteless. I know a lot of people here frown on its “less than high brow design choices,” but as I’ve said before, I dig that style, and the game itself is a really enjoyable RPG-ish romp through a brutal hell-scape, where every boon is met with ten ball breaking busts. Hunt monsters, kill them, skin them for resources, and return to camp to see if you can improve your settlement’s lot in life. Super fun, always humbling game play loop. I play it almost exclusively with my best friend Ricky.
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Also, Got to field my first Avatar list in a very one-sided game of Infinity Saturday night. I’ll spare you the details, because it’d probably be boring for non Infinity players. Let’s just say the Avatar is worth his points. OMG. 🙂
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Edit: Yeah. . what’s up with images? I’m trying to share stuff linked from my Dropbox folder. Would really spice up my post. 😛

Edit 2: To be clear, I’m now just sharing links instead of embedding the image into the post like I’d like. The links work.