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I don’t think of it as social media… more anti-social media. People seem to prefer to update their ‘status’ or rant about something with other people they don’t know.

It’s like calling World of Warcraft, or PS/Xbox gaming social gaming…

Social gaming is sitting around a table with friends and snacks while playing a board game/RPG.

Online gaming involves hurling abuse at people you don’t know in a bid to screw them over in some way. If people behaved like that at a games table there would be table flips every week.

I do despair at times… if there was an airborne nuke, setting of an EM pulse that shut down communications the ‘young uns’ would be more upset that they couldn’t update the status of their radiation sickness than they would about dying…. and when it came to lighting a fire they would have to ‘google it’…