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Home Forums The Gaming Room So, what did you play most recently? Reply To: So, what did you play most recently?


So…somehow my post about my first Legion game got swollowed up.

Had a small intro with vader and 2 stormtrooper units against luke and 2 rebeltrooper units. Was easy to learn and we had much fun. Second game was added a unit troopers on each side with speeders and an at-rt. Vader turned out to be a slow killing machine (helped by unbelivable good dice rolls by my friend…alonside bad rolls from me). Got stomped by him…but that was very cinematic and therefore still fun 🙂

First hobbying since forever for me…minis got together very nicely…troopers where better cast…rebels had more mould-lines…and with pvc they are not always easy to remove. But the models look great altogether….rules are good and went down easy in the second game. We had much fun and will play again. This weekend will see reinforcements with an airspeeder and at-st…witch looks awesome!!!

Maybe after getting back into hobbying I will finaly tackle painting minis….just maybe 😉