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I tend to live inside my own little bubble and think people on the outside probably aren’t that interested in my weekly game nights, musings, or the like. I don’t muse much anyway…

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of coming to this forum is the mature conversations that take place here. No flame wars. No trolling. Just nice folks chatting about stuff in a respectful, passionate, and mature voice.

It’s been quiet lately, but for me that’s OK. While I do get excited about things and can get goofy like anyone else, I’m quiet for the most part. I’m the kind of person who can sit in a car ride for five hours and not say a word to the other person, and be totally content.

That said, I do enjoy coming here and seeing what everyone is playing, checking the barometer on current kickstarters, new hotness and that sort of thing, because like I said before, I respect the voices here and find even though we don’t always agree on one game or another, I really like hearing the points of view expressed here.

OK. Hi….

That’s all. 😉