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Home Forums The Gaming Room So, what did you play most recently? Reply To: So, what did you play most recently?


Wow…6 and 8 and into painting minis….now I feel like I really have to get going with my painting…at 45….sigh 😉

That is great….when your kids have intrest in things you also like…so much fun to be had together.

My 4 year old is into dragons (how to train your dragon) and dinosaures (from a museum visit) right now. I have a thing for dragons since I was her age and have some bigger pro painted diorama dragons as dekoration. Those are quite expensive and not for playing…well…until those sad eyes look at you with that look that you just cannot refuse. And she tells those wonderfull storys how those dragons got lost and where cold and hungry ect (her mother accuses me that she has that “roleplaying-gene” from me….no idea what she means ^^) and here eyes are shining and she has so much fun…and that is so much fun for me. So much so that I just cannot get angry when one gets into pieces…I knew the moment I said yes that that would happen. Now that one got several parts glued back on and is the center of further storys about its injury and the fight with that bigger monster…and so on. I am so curious at how she will develope and what intrests she will have in the future 🙂

Sorry…got a little carried away…all WS fault ;-P