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Universal Head

A wonderfu bit of gaming nostalgia 8th, nice one. The first Saltmarsh module was fantastic (The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh). A few of us will never forget when a less experienced player joined the group, we started playing the module, and his character immediately walked up to the first villager he saw and demanded “What’s your sinister secret!?”

I didn’t know Ian Holm had played Frodo on radio, that’s great.

BTW I’ve tweaked my WotR summary and reference yet again – coming soon!

I think Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was a great inspiration for me. I started with Empire of the Petal Throne (well, our extremely simplified version) in 1978, and then played Basic D&D and AD&D, but WFRP hit the right buttons for me – I’ve always preferred the grim, gritty, realistic adventures of low-level characters to the ‘high fantasy’ that D&D turned into from Dragonlance onwards. In fact The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh was a D&D favourite because it was done by an English team and more in that ‘realistic’ style.

I’ve used all 3 versions of WFRP and it was our only roleplaying system for many years. I loved the grotty Germanic feel and the very the English sense of humour. It’s a great shame Games Workshop has dumped the Old World in favour of the ‘He-man in space’ heroics of Age of Sigmar (where it feels absolutely nothing is at stake because everyone involved are superheroes), but I’m happy to see the WFRP system is being re-released yet again in the original world.

Not that I have any plans to start yet another WFRP campaign – there are only so many cultist plots and skaven in the sewers adventures you can play!