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Universal Head

I do not understand, for the life of me, why some companies promote their games with such horribly tedious gameplay videos. I watched some of the Beasts of War one until I could stand it no longer. Very few people care about the minutiae of the rules, and anyway they can make the rulebook available later. What they want to see is that it’s FUN! Get a few people together who already know the rules, who have some personality and a good sense of humour, and show people that the game is enjoyable and worth buying!

I was already not buying into this one because of the expensive shipping – and I don’t like co-ops and dice management – but I agree with you, the gameplay video made it look astoundingly boring. They’re trying to do something different, which is great, but whether it’s successful or not certainly doesn’t come across in the video.

I really, really hope Joan of Arc is good because I spent a bomb on it.