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@Wonderslug… War is stupid… so it makes sense that games about it are too…

Can’t disagree with anything you said really.

I picked up Forgebane for 40K a few months back and it was because the Necrons looked so cool… Undead Terminators… and those scarab things… not forgetting the leader with his baby scarab.

Adeptus Mechinicus looked less interesting, but they were more interesting than the boring old space marines… cyber limbs. It wasn’t until I started reading their lore that they became more interesting… cutting off legs so they can march longer… now that is really stupid.

Dice fest? Well… it says GW on the box, so that is inevitable.

As for Age of Sigmar… I still think they should be honest and call it ‘Age of Space Marines who time travel to a fantasy world’.

The Haunt look great… very fragile though… but it was the Endless Spells that lured me in. And the books of course… they do look good.

And sometimes you don’t want sophisticated… you want stupid and pretty… that’s how rock stars and footballers get models as wives… or is it the money?

Drifting back to lore… being drawn to that is not stupid… Warmachine and Hordes has some really dull armies… Cygnar is quite tedious and I own it… but their Warcasters are cool. Same with Cryx and Circle which I also own. I even like Khador, despite the fact that they kick my ass most of the time when I play my friend… because I like the russian theme.

If you want to play in tournaments, then army build is important. But if you play friendly games with a friend… the lore helps you to relate to the army…

Daughters of Khaine are squishy and their back story makes them out to be psychopaths… but the models are very nice… I’m waiting for a Khaine starter to set me up on that.

I’d never buy Morathi… not because she’s so expensive… but because I could not do a decent paint job on her model… on something so big… all my mistakes would be visible… however… if I win the lottery… I’ll buy her… after someone did a good paint job 🙂