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Universal Head

Looking at all the extras and bits and bobs is starting to annoy me. The piecemeal pricing tactics developed with Necromunda seem to be the new normal for GW. Warscroll cards are outrageous – NZ$43 for 53 cards for the Eternals, NZ$29 for the 24 Nighthaunt cards. NZ$71 for each battle tome (hoping these are unnecessary if you have the cards). NZ$130 for the spells expansion, then NZ$56 for each of the Nighthaunt and Eternals spell sets. And that’s all before the cost of extra figures, which seem to be priced by picking numbers out of a hat – a box of 10 Grimghast Reapers is the same cost as a single lady Olynder figure (NZ$77).

The expense is astonishing really. It’s such a shame. I’d actually get into this again in a bigger way if the prices were anywhere near reasonable, and it particularly gets my goat how ‘hero’ figures are priced exhorbidantly higher than rank and file.