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Universal Head

I think CMON make good quality games and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve received from them so far. They’re pretty clever here, reading the market demand for big miniatures that Mythic pioneered. But …

I agree, it’s an expensive doorstop.

They seem to be happy to cement the (in my opinion, unwarranted) impression among many gamers that they make games that are all about the minis and not about the games themselves. And of course, the money is rolling in, so why wouldn’t they?

It’s another impressive-looking production that ticks all the right boxes in designer pedigree, quality, art, and miniatures. But …

I think I’m giving it a miss this time. And it’s mostly because I’m absolutely tired of Mythos-themed games. There really is very little difference that I can see between this and Mansions of Madness. Yes, the miniatures are far, far superior, but do I really want to fork out the cash for such a similar game experience? I hardly get to play Mansions of Madness as it is. And my backlog of unpainted miniatures seems to be growing exponentially.

Basically, it just isn’t different enough to join my collection.

Which makes me a little sad, as I love many of CMON’s games. I think SMOG is a triumph. If this game had a more interesting, original theme I probably would go for it.

I’ll probably regret it when it comes out and everyone says “it’s much better than Mansions of Madness”, but I have to start drawing a line in the sand, or I’ll end up with a room packed with unpainted and unplayed games.