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That is the GW way….easy entry with top quality for a really good price (new Kill Team Box ca. 260$ of stuff for 130$ or your AoS/40K 2 player starter) to get started…and after the hook and sinker are deep in…just pull ´em in and squeeze ´em dry 🙂

Especially for “collectors/players” that do not just want one Necromunda gang…or one Blodbowl team…or one small army with no variety in AoS / 40K there is either the “all-in GW Hobby”…and near nothing else…or the amazing ability to just wet your toe with the good price offer…and be contempt with it…and additionally a whole wide world of other games with better price/play-value (not better quality—GW plastic is top notch) to play along. 🙂

It´s a hard struggle…and sometimes they still get you…although you should know better after so many decades…but hey…we are addicts after all 😉