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I finally managed to get my Warriors of Middle-earth to the table, I had played it only online before. We played base game plus WoME, keeping LoME out to make it a bit easier as my opponent had not played the latest expansion yet.

It was an awesome game, where the factions played important roles. The eagles defended Lorien for a while, the spiders put the hurt on the the Fellowship, the corsairs broke the defense of Gondor, and the Ent threat protected Rohan through the whole game. The only faction to play no role at all were the Dead Men of Dunharrow, because Strider was busy getting the ringbearer into Mordor.

My opponent got one chance to dunk the ring, but at very bad odds: 1 in 5 would have given him victory. Instead he drew a red tile that delayed him and gave me the chance to conquer the Woodland Realm for my final 2 victory points. which my huge army of Nazgul, spiders, orcs, and one lonely Mumak managed.

Here are some impressions from the game if you want to check them out.