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Universal Head

NZ$210 (AU$192) here (cheaper than Australia? That’s a shock). I notice the Kill Zone box (basically just a board and some terrain) is NZ$140, and the teams themselves NZ$105. Ouch. This is all a very ingenious way of repurposing existing product, basically.

I just ordered it – bugger it, I’ve realised there’s nothing I can do about the damn prices and I try not to think about it – but I do have a sneaking suspicion I’m just buying Necromunda (as for Shadow War: Armageddon, thank goodness I just got the book, whose covers I haven’t even opened) all over again.

What are the differences WS?

At least I’ll be able to use a few old bits and bobs of W40K figures I’ve collected over the years, like some old orks and some Tau. Though I suspect that’s false economy as I’ll be forced to buy entire sets just to get the rules for said figures.

Got to give GW marketing credit, they’re really clever in the way they’re breaking up new games into so many separate pieces these days.