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Universal Head

Indeed, I’ve pointed out our blunders many times and repeatedly remind viewers my videos are for entertainment, not instructional purposes. I’m not holding them up as an example of anything as they’re done on a budget of zero. Basically I’m saying, and this is all just my opinion:

– videos designed to inspire people to back Kickstarters should be inspiring and enjoyable and fun first, with dry rules descriptions second. Don’t pick people who can’t play up to the camera to make the experience fun.

– videos designed to teach people rules should not use stilted corporate filming and presenter techniques (to me, they make the video dull and hard to watch), but should be efficient but still engaging and with personality (see the Watch it Played videos, for example).

– and wouldn’t it be good thing to try to avoid commenting on the attractiveness of women in gaming, in an attempt to stop making them feel like it’s a boy’s club and thus encourage more diversity. 🙂