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Hi all,

How the thread careened off course… the dangers of the internet. However, if I may throw my two cents in. (Sorry to all those whose national currency isn’t dollars.)

Obviously this lady is attractive and GW knows it. Now, just let me emphasise in the strongest terms that I am not saying she got the job because of her looks. Not at all. I haven’t actually watch the videos, but judging by the comments, she’s more than qualified and does a great job. However, I almost watched the videos, even though I have no interest in the game she’s demonstrating, and I have to admit it was because there was a pretty lady in the thumbnail. GW knows that its audience is predominately male, so a pretty face might at least get some more hits on their videos.

Peter, as a professional graphic designer, I know your familiar with the adage that “sex sells”. It’s hard for us old primates to ignore our natural instincts.

On the question as to whether one should state that publicly… probably not. Outside of the internet in the real world if you like, most of us wouldn’t approach a complete stranger and comment on their looks. So’ maybe we shouldn’t do it online regardless of our personal feelings. But that’s up to the individual, I’m not an advocate of telling people what they can and can’t say.

My two cents.