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I can see how that might come through for sure. My good friend Chris, the one who got me into 40k, was initially totally against the AoS stuff, for much the same reason. It just didn’t gel with him.

For me, it’s a story about a bunch of Gods fighting, so I get a bit of an ancient Greece vibe from it. The Gods are all doing their thing, carrying out their own battles and schemes, and everyone else is just collateral damage, or along for the ride. I’m digging it.

One memorable story for me had to do with a massive dragon, a titan I think, that the bad guy, what’s his name…..Archeon??? was planning on taming with some magic spell. Harnessing the power of this dragon would have been world ending and pretty much ensured eternal victory for Chaos. Little did he know a gang of Duarden(sp?) had previously succeeded in a mission to brand the Dragon with a runic seal of their own, so when Archeon’s plan culminated and the pinnacle of his forces had been committed….his spell fizzeled and the Duarden took control of the dragon. It felt really epic to me.