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Compared to regular 40k, squad building is actually pretty quick and easy. Most squads will likely have between 6 and 10 dudes. Your Roster can consist of up to 20 units, but you’ll only ever field 100 points max per game. I like the idea of filling my roster (or bench, as I like to think of it) with lots of different loadouts for all occasions, and then choosing from that list once I see who my opponent will be, and what the mission is. So the kill team will be different from game to game, but the familiar faces will all be there.

My Death Guard can only choose between Plague Marines and Pox Walkers, so…..5 marines and 2 Poxwalkers is pretty much what I’ll be running.

The part I’m still scratching my head on is who to take as which of the “specialisms.” But that’ll come with playing more and figuring out who excels at what role.

What part of squad building is giving you trouble? What army ya playing? The ones in the box?