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Home Forums The Gaming Room What is everyone's favorite games? Reply To: What is everyone's favorite games?


Welcome to the site, Dustin. Always good to see new members. 🙂

My favorites…

Miniatures Game:
Infinity. Hands down the best one on the market. Small model count (10-15 models per game), fast action, tight rules, and super cool setting. Really rewards player skill and is very very balanced across all the armies. I’ve been dabbling into 40k, lately with Kill Team, but usually just play that with one friend in particular. Hugely prefer Infinity to 40k though.

Board Games:
No single favorite, but my top ones are Kingdom Death: Monster, Descent: second edition, and Mansions of Madness, A Game of Thrones: the board game. If you can’t tell, I prefer thematic games to crunchy game play. 🙂 I have around 200 games in my collection, and I don’t play them nearly as often as I’d like, but these are the ones that usually end up making it to the table if I’ve got my “real gamer” buddies over.

Card Games:
Android Netrunner. I don’t card games too ofren, but when I do it’s usually this one.