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Universal Head

Hello Dustin!

Everyone here knows War of the Ring is my favourite game of all time. 🙂

The interest in the current Games Workshop stuff is a pretty recent phenomenon – personally I don’t play W40K, and have only played one game of Age of Sigmar with the new starter set (and didn’t play the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle). Though I have always enjoyed the GW specialist games like Necromunda and Space Hulk, both of which are great favourites.

All the games you mention I like as well, though I haven’t played Forbidden Stars enough, and I haven’t quite ‘clicked’ with Rebellion yet. Heroscape is great fun, though the setup and packup time is a pain.

I’ve tried Infinity but it didn’t click with me; I find the models a bit samey and I didn’t get to the point where the rules flowed for me. But it is very popular so I must give it another go.

As for other favourites, well, I try to rotate through the games and get everything to the table. I play two evenings a week so most games get a go. Recently I’ve really enjoyed SMOG: Ride of Moloch and Conan. Memoir ’44 is an old classic I’ve played a lot. I also like slightly more obscure tabletop games such as Wrath of Kings, Hell Dorado, AT-43, and Dust.

But, as you can read on the About page, I love games with immersive and imaginative themes, and that’s what this website is all about.

My game database tells me I’ve recorded 1183 items, but that includes RPG items, expansions etc. So many games, so little time!