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Good choices guys, I really like Game of Thrones Second edition. The order marker system is actually very similar to the Forbidden Stars order marker system. I have never played KDM but a few guys in my group do and the minis look amazing.

Speaking of awesome thematic games, I can’t believe I forgot to mention The Fury of Dracula Third Edition, absolutely love that game. Playing Dracula has some of the coolest tension you can have playing a board game.

I almost backed SMOG: Rise of Moloch, the steampunk theme and overall look of the game is very appealing. Are you going to be painting/playing that one on your channel, Peter?

I loved the video you did of Conan, and that is another one I am interested in. It is just hard sometimes in my group to get them to get into dungeon crawl style board games. I am still yet to convince them to play DOOM, or Level 7 Omega Protocol. They are a big Euro group mostly, so I am a bit out of place, although I do enjoy some medium weight, thematic euros(I refuse to play heavy or dry, themeless ones). A good example of a great euro that is also thematic would be The Godfather: Corleon’s Empire. I own and like that one a lot.

Speaking of Warhammer board games, like I said on your YouTube channel, I picked up Space Hulk third edition and so far me and my daughter love it, although it seems really hard for my marines to win, much to my daughter’s liking, lol. I am also a big Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire fan, and that is the game that is really my goal for painting. I want to get good enough to paint up all of my Shadespire figures and have them actually look decent.

I mentioned this on your YouTube channel, but the reason that game Deadzone was interesting to me was that it was a miniature skirmish game with an actual board for movement. Are there any other Miniatures games that use something like that?

Hell Dorado…..Is that the same world as the board game Claustrophobia? I love that game and it is getting a new edition on KS soon.