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Universal Head

Have you played Starcraft: The Board Game? I think that was the first game to use that particular order system.

It’s a bit tricky to film a battle report of SMOG, as it’s usually multiple players. And I’ve already painted the base set. So no plans for any videos featuring it just at the moment.

Haven’t played The Godfather – it seemed to have pretty lukewarm reviews? Continue your good work exposing them to more thematic games! 🙂

Skirmish games with boards – well, some have boards but still use tape measures, like Necromunda: Underhive and Kill Team. Not many use spaces on the board, if you define skirmish as being straight-up fighting. Dungeon Command is a bit like Shadespire as it uses a board, minis and cards. Can’t think of any others that fit the bill right now. Oh, Mythic Battles: Pantheon?

Yes, Hell Dorado is a full tabletop minis game set in that world. Seems to be completely defunct now unfortunately, the Hell theme was perhaps too confronting for some audiences! But it was very imaginative.