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Home Forums The Gaming Room What is everyone's favorite games? Reply To: What is everyone's favorite games?


War of the Ring is of course my favorite board game ever, since it is simply the best. 😉

I’ve also always hovered around the edges of the miniature games hobby and took the plunge last year with the Runewars Miniatures game, which I enjoy immensely and have now painted a ton of minis. Unfortunately it has not been immensely successful for FFG, especially in Europe/Germany. We’ll see how it develops.

Other all-time favorites are Star Wars: Rebellion, A Few Acres of Snow, X-Wing, Descent, Eldritch Horror, Eclipse, Race for the Galaxy, Through the Ages, Blood Rage, and Mansions of Madness. Just recently I dipped my toes into the Arkham Horror LCG and am enjoying it. As you can see my preferences are strongly-thematic games, though I also like the occasional more-Euro style game (Agricola is great).