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Ahh, I see. Well, I am not apposed to trying out measuring movement, and I understand why they do it. You make your own terrain in games like that, so they need a system you can use no matter what kind of terrain you have. I didn’t realize Necromunda: Underhive was a stand alone game, I might check it out(I did see your battle report).

Hmmm, The Godfather went over really well with my group, and everyone else I have played it with, but I do think there are a few lukewarm reviews going around, but I think it is awesome. I love area control, and for Euro mechanics, worker placement, and this game has both. Another gripe about typical euros is that they usually have little to no player interaction, and Corleone’s Empire has tons of it.

I will say that that Game of Thrones miniatures game from CMON looks fun.

I have never played Starcraft, and it is quite hard to get a hold of these days, but I did know that both GoT, and FS used some mechanics from it.