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Home Forums The Gaming Room What have you been playing lately? Reply To: What have you been playing lately?


Man, Chaos in the Old World is one of my favorite games of all time. Have you played the expansion? It adds the Skaven and also gives you alternate cards to use with the different gods.

I have played ROOT, and it is very popular in my group right now. It is an interesting assymetrical game, althoufh I found the combat a little weak.

I got to play Warhammer: Underworlds Shadespire again this week, and I always look forward to getting to play this game. I have everything available for it so far. Building your deck for your warband before is just as much fun as playing the game.

I do quite a bit of family gaming as well, and got a game in of Villainous with my daughter. It is the new game where everyone plays a Disney villain and has to try and win before everyone else. Completely assymetrical which is very cool for a gateway weight game.