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Home Forums The Kitchen Any interesting Kickstarter campaigns? Reply To: Any interesting Kickstarter campaigns?


Given GW release schedule this year and the quality of products, I haven’t the spare cash…

And when GW announce something I don’t have to wait a year for product.

KS is just preorder system, no matter what they say, and I’d rather wait weeks than months, or even years, assuming the product even turns up… which is never certain with KS.

Hellboy was my last pledge (other than the free stat clips for Mythic Battles).

And I’m sick of the ‘KS only products’ that the likes of Mythic are pumping out.

Yes… plastic miniatures are nice, but if you can’t sell your game without resorting to extorting money from backers with the words ‘KS exclusive’ then maybe your game is not worth making.