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All of my game nights lately have revolved around either Infinity or Kill Team.

Though I did play a cute little game with my 6-year-old daughter called “Mysterious Forest” by iello games. It’s based on a web comic series with some pretty art, and that’s about all I can tell you about that. The game itself is a cooperative memory game.

– You lay out a series of cards, 8 I think, face down which represent the trail to the big bad at the end. Each card has either two or three “equipment” symbols on it. Thematically, this is what you need in order to overcome the challenge on that card.
You’re only allowed to look at each card once before you turn it back face down and look at the next, and so on.

– Once you’ve looked at all the cards players then take turns rolling 4 dice, the faces of which match up with the equipment symbols. You must select two of the four dice results to add to your backpack. You continue doing this until your backpack is full.

– Once that happens you advance through each of the face down cards and move the equipment tokens from your backpack to the card for each challenge. If you remembered all the symbols correctly and make it all the way to the end you win. If you don’t, you lose.

Like I said, it’s cute with good production value and very nice kid friendly artwork. It was a little easy, even for my daughter, but she had fun nevertheless. There are a couple different difficulty adjustments, so we’ll see where that takes us. It plays nice and fast, and the art and theme holds the attention of younger players. I’m happy with it.