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Universal Head

Hmm, it really is just having a steady hand and a small brush (00 is good for fine detail), but since my eyesight is failing, I also use a head loupe (the thing that sits on your head like a cap and has magnifying lenses). The model gets blown up to twice or more size and small detail becomes easy to see and paint. Another technique to make small details stand out is to paint them black first, then the colour you want. This leaves a thin black outline around the detail to help it visually stand out. That’s a particularly good thing to do for metal objects, like belt buckles.

There’s no difference between layer paints and base paints, that’s just Games Workshop’s naming system. Use any colour that you want as a base colour. The ones you don’t treat as normal paints are the ‘dry’ colours (for drybrushing – but just use normal paint and wipe the excess off on a paper towel), and of course things like the technical or textured paints.

I still add water to paint on a wet palette. Excess water on the paper on a wet palette should have been blotted up with paper towel, so you have a damp, but not wet, surface. They really should be called ‘damp palettes’. 🙂

So glad I’m inspiring you to get into it Dustin!