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I don’t have space for a storage cupboard like that and need to keep my miniature games portable, so prefer to use the original box if possible.

Recent GW box sets like Kill Team, Soul Wars and Battle of Pelennor Fields have large boxes to hold the sprues and in the case of Soul Wars a separate box for the sprues.

So… a visit to a local cheapo store provided me with some magnetic white boards (£2.49 for two magnetic sheets a bit smaller than A4) that I dismantled to recover the sheets which are thin and light. These will be attached to the inside of the ‘sprue box’ which will hold those ‘oh so brittle’ haunt miniatures.

For the large miniatures I will cut the metal into strips and attach to the sides… or I may use a bit of foam board to section off an area for rule books, dice etc and store all miniatures vertically… I’ll ponder than one when I’ve got everything painted and tried a few alternatives.

It won’t take a lot of jostling to shake them free, so they need to be handled carefully in transit, but it will keep the figures safer than storing in foam.