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Universal Head

I was casting an eye over my huge collection of Dust stuff the other day. One day I need to get out the airbrush and just paint all those vehicles! Also learning yet another edition of the rules has given me pause.

I quite enjoyed the old gridded version, but stopped playing it when I moved on to the tabletop version. But it certainly had the virtue of simplicity and was something different that people hadn’t seen before. I always thought those original dice – just hit and blank – were so iconic, and they made a big mistake by making them more complex.

Middle Earth Quest is great, though for some reason I’ve only played it a couple of times. Must get that out again too!

Ahh, so many games, so little etc. I really don’t feel the need to buy anything new at the moment, there’s so much variety in my collection already and the industry seems to be a bit stagnant at the moment; nothing has really excited me for a while.