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TBH…I do not see a “ripp-off” here. In KT the highlight of the box was the terrain..a huge amount for the money…and really great looking. So basically you get lots of great terrain for a great price…and some nice stuff on top. In RT the terrain can not compete…but the “scatter terrain” it has looks ace. In RT the highlight are the minis. 33 new ones (against 20…10 old – 10 new…I think)…and the nurgle boss and 3 hulks are really huge monsters that would normally cost a hefty GW-sum on their own. So in RT you get a lot of great new minis for a really good price…and some nice stuff on top.

So…the “worth” of the boxes is not that far from each other…but depending on what you look for…one is better then the other.