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So…to follow up on the “Let me know if there are any problems” threat…first…I do not feel offended in any way and had/have no intentions to do so to others. Its just simple curiosity and wanting to understand better. To be honest…I was a bit at a loss with this threat regarding the outcome and have no idea why this threat seams to have become a kind of “talk past each other”.

I will simplify the threat from my point of view: Thesis that I read “RT=rip-off”. My point was “personal preference does not make it a rip-off”. Another topic is brought up..GW prices in general. Ignoring that would be impolite so I respond. Another topic is brought up…now its prices compared to regional costs. Ignoring that would be impolite so I respond. None of those had to do with “personal value does not make it a rip-off”. Back to personal value…we actually agree on value is relative and personal and that the price is not worth it for you…which was said numeral times…but my point that personal value does not make it a rip-off seams to be ignored….so it reads like we don´t agree…I am at a loss.

Is this a language thing…did I misunderstand something…or was my point unclear? Is rip-off not really meant literally but as more of an amplifier to the personal value part? Maybe understanding this better helps me to discuss things in a different language better…so thanks in advance for your time.