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Home Forums The Gaming Room What games are you particularly enjoying? Reply To: What games are you particularly enjoying?


@YellowSign To be honest…never heard of any of them 🙂

@UH I have spent too much money on way too many games the last couple of years that I had no time to play…so the money/time/space problem has me in its claws big time…and its quite frustrating. I wait for 12 KS projects to arrive and 2 to finish. So I stay away from KS (eyeing “Machina Arcana”…but resisting atm) and try to not spend money on new stuff. I am keeping up with a couple of RPG´s and focusing on Star Wars Legion (with Arkham Horror TCG the only game atm that I play regular) and adding scenery to it and the “Fallout Wasteland Warfare” TT-minis game from Mödiphius. It is working fine for me atm and even if resisting to buy that cool looking game is hard from time to time…it feels more satisfying to focus on the ones I already have.

And to say at least something useful to your question…maybe the BGG list for the upcoming new releases for Spiel 2018 in Essen in 4 weeks will help you out 😉