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I got in a game of Western Legends the other day. Great sandbox game, and very thematic. I have never played Xia, but WL is easily my favorite game of that genre that I have played. All the different paths seem like they are valid ways to win, which for a game that has so many options is pretty awesome.

I played a game of Paper Tales, which my group has been raving about, but it was just ok to me. It is basically 7 Wonders with a spacial element and less ways to win. Then again, me and my group don’t see eye to eye on a lot of games, ha. Most of them lean towards Euros, which why it can be hard to play some of dudes on a map/miniatures games sometimes.

I played a game of Mars Attacks with my daughter, as well as a game of The Walking Dead All Out War, and really liked them both. TWD is similar to Mars Attacks but a little more complicated, but not to much for a 10 year old to grasp. I know there are issues with Mantic and quality, which is unfortunate that they put out sub par stuff, but the simplicity of their games allows me to play them with my daughter.