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Home Forums The Gaming Room What have you been playing lately? Reply To: What have you been playing lately?


Ah, Memoir ’44 one of my favorite games. I play M44 Online quite frequently.

I finished all of those campaigns, and just recently The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol, which was excellent. It was fun to play the Japanese army vs the Soviets. In our play-through the Axis got a little more VP towards the finale, but then the Allies came back and won the campaign on the overlord scenario. So I think overall it’s a well balanced campaign. Next campaign I’m going to play is Through Jungle and Desert.

I’ve been playing another head to head game a lot lately, and that’s Dreamblade. I have expanded my collection a bit, so I had to try out some of the new minis. I just love the bizarre figures and the deep strategy involved in that game, MtG meets Chess in a nightmareish plane 🙂

And since MonPoc is releasing v2 these days, I’m going to play v1 tomorrow. I have read the new rulebook and the rules are mostly the same with only a few tweaks and I’m going to incorporate some of them.