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@Dustin: Not sure about that, but I can post some pics when finished 🙂

: I’m not sure what you mean, but Underworlds warbands can be used in Age of Sigmar (not the other way around) with Warscrolls that can be downloaded from GW.

I’ve read that the Shadespire Core Set will be discontinued and the Warbands and Map in that set will be or is released as expansions.

Underworlds is the only GW game that I own, and I like their approach to using minis from one game in another game. Have they done this with other games also? Is there any other game publishers who have done the same?

And since Underworlds is a gateway game into the AoS it has made be curious about that game too, and after watching the battle report here on the EOG it also seems like a fun game.