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Home Forums The Artist’s Studio Gloomhaven miniatures that hold cardboard tokens. Reply To: Gloomhaven miniatures that hold cardboard tokens.


I can’t say I blame you there, especially for the price tag attached. The world of Gloomhaven is amazing, and having to stop and figure out the best way to proceed, which could change at the drop of a hat based on initiative, can kill the vibe of the story. And it COULD use more story bits. But exactly as you say, there are a lot of people who enjoy that kind of game. My brother loves puzzle games and even though he also loves H.P. Lovecraft, he gets bored with Mansions of Madness and Mythos Tales. My friend Jessica is also the same way. When playing Gloomhaven with them they really had a good time; Nick and I would interject story flavor while they were on top of the mechanics/strategy and it helped balance things out.

While it’s not my favorite game to play, it’s my favorite game to play with them. It’s a hybrid that engages players that normally wouldn’t be drawn to that type of setting and has enormous replay value.