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Well, back home for my week off I got some gaming in. I finally got to play my copy of Lords of Hellas, and it was great. Everyone enjoyed it and are looking forward to playing again. If you are into Dudes on a Map type games I highly recommend it. Being my favorite genre I play most of them and this one is pretty high on my list of the best ones. It is kind of like Kemet, Inis, and Blood Rage had a baby, except it also brings its own spin to the genre to the table. Anyway, highly recommended.

I played a game of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn with my daughter. This is her favorite head to head card game and she chooses it every time I let her pick. I love the art and the use of dice for resources.

I haven’t gotten to play, but I bought UnderWorlds Nightvault and can’t wait to play it. The addition of spells is going to be cool, not to mention the added 3D effect of the terrain pack.