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I’ve played my fair share of Kill Team. Perhaps I can help.

1. Don’t worry about the Command Roster. It’s only needed for Campaign play.
2. Build a 100 point list. Most lists will be anywhere between 7 to 17 models.

Choose models based on what you have, or what you’ll buy. Yes, the official “Kill Team” boxes they (we) sell do not have 100 points worth of models in them. They’re primarily a way to get your collection started with some core units, as well as giving you the team specific tactics cards / tokens, etc.

Choose weapons based on what you have / like and add the point cost of the weapon to each of your models.

Choose which of your models will be specialists. Your team must have a Leader, and may have UP TO three other specialists.

Please ask any question you have. I’m certain I’ll be able to answer them. If I haven’t managed to address your question in this post, let me know that too. The feeling I get from your post seems to point to a disconnect between the Command Roster and the actual team you’ll play game-to-game. If you don’t play a campaign, you never need to even look at the Command Roster. You can find campaign rules in the back of the book.